Photography is one of my favourite hobbies. Some of these photos were taken with a much older camera body so the quality doesn't match some of the snazzy new photos, but I had to still had to include in this gallery because they're some of my favourite work. I have a basic understanding of lighting for studio work, I do well with production (theatre) photography, location based photography, and product photography. My favourite subject will always be nature. 


Graphic Design

I am fully proficient in Photoshop and InDesign, with working knowledge in Illustrator and a hunger to learn new skills whenever the opportunity presents itself. I am resourceful, meaning if you have an idea in mind, I will make that idea come to life by whatever means necessary. Below are some examples of show campaign elements executed in the recent past, followed by a gallery of some of my favourite freelance work. Please contact me for a portfolio of my most recent work which is not represented here. 



I have a background in video from volunteering as a videographer for live events with Shaw Video (now Rogers) for 6 years. I also took video production classes in university, and have a strong understanding of how to shoot and edit video for various markets. Also, I just love video work, it's such an interesting medium! One notable fun project of mine was editing footage from a Metis Youth group, and having the 45 minute documentary I edited air on APTN (unfortunately it was so long ago, I can't find the files anywhere), as it was done in order for my high school to receive new video equipment. Below is some of my favourite work, even though the quality on some may be lower than others due to the equipment that was available to me at the time. 

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