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Hi, I’m Liisa Steinwedel

I'm an arts & tourism marketing professional with a passion for theatre, personal growth, and helping organizations reach their full potential... 
...and I've got a few fun hobbies on the side


Fun Fact

In 2001 by some kind of fate, I met the Queen of England. She was visiting Roy Thompson Hall, and my mother brought my brother and I to see her exit the limo and enter the hall. The Mounted Police asked if we would like to hand her flowers... and of course we said yes!

Honours B.A.
University of Ottawa
Major in Theatre
Major in Communications

Sept 2010 to May 2015


I love making, creating, and everything to do with the arts. 


Any medium, let me try it! Whether it be theatre, visual arts, music, video, graphics or more I'm all in.


I'm incredibly passionate about my work, I'm resourceful, and have many quick ideas!

Get in touch with me!

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