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© 2019 by Liisa Steinwedel. Last Update May 2019  |  liisa.steinwedel@gmail.com

Jewellery by Liisa

I just love making jewellery with a nice glass of wine and a movie in the background, such a relaxing way to spend an evening off. Everyone keeps telling me to sell my creations, so here's a start! There's plenty more where this came from, I've only just touched the surface of my stock. Perfect for any occasion, I have classy and casual items. Custom pieces available. Size and clasp adjustments are available on most pieces. I specialize in finding ways to take older jewellery and turn it into something new. 

Online Jewellery shop will be launched Aug 6, 2019


In the meantime feel free to browse designs below until they become available for sale. 

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