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I offer a wide variety of corporate and personal services in the Marketing,
Graphic Design, Photography, and Consulting realms. However, there are many other talents in my wheelhouse (including event planning and decorating, videography, copy writing, and more), feel free to contact me about any services
you might be interested in!



Newborn & Tummy Time Sessions

Get the perfect photo that captures your baby's personality with one of the many themed or neutral backgrounds. Newborn sessions range from

0-2 months, after which they become "tummy time" sessions for babes that can hold their own head, babes that have trouble sleeping, or wiggling toddlers. These shoots are completed in-studio.

Sleeping Angel- $250

1.5 hours, 2-3 themes, 10 edited images, 1 bonus composite.

Mommy & Me - $300

2 hours, 3 themes, 10 baby images, 5 parent and baby images (max 4 people), 1 bonus composite.

Home Is Where The Heart Is - $150

1 hour, 10 edited images, taken at your own home.


Pet Photography

Let your pets be themselves, I'll snap them in your house, yard or we can take a trip to a local park. Bring a couple of treats and they'll feel right at home with the camera and me. In their natural habitat I'll capture the true essence of your furry friend. If your heart is set on studio photos, let me come to you with my portable studio set to keep your pet at ease.

Full Session - $150

45 minutes, 10 edited images. 

Mini Session - $100

15 minutes, 5 edited images. 

* Please, no spiders or insects. I WILL run screaming. 


Boudoir Photography

Offering solo or couples/friend boudoir sessions. Can be done in studio or in your home for maximum comfort. Great way to boost your self esteem, or make a present for your special someone. Happy to work within your own level of undress comfort, and work with any inspiration you might have (i.e. themes, settings, or styles). #loveyourself

In-Home Session - $200

1 hour, 1 location, 15 edited images. 

Your place or mine, style is very limited. 

Studio Session - $400

1 hour, 1 location, 25 edited images. 

With this option we rent a local studio for an hour in the style of your choice.

Captain Roberts Table -  (20).jpg

Product & Food Photography

A great way to capture your audience, by getting product photos that can be used for social media, advertising, or whatever else you can imagine. Videography burst add-ons (much like an instagram boomerang) are also possible. Happy to work within your needs, ask for a personalized quote for your product or service photos. Models can be provided at an additional cost.

Studio Photos - $450

50 edited photos, set pieces extra if required.  

On-Location Photos - $250

1 hour, 35 edited photos.

Mini Social Burst - $150

30 minutes, on-location only, 10 photos. 

Quantity is Key - $400

2 hours, on location, 100+ edited photos.


Family & Kid Portraits

A fun way to capture a moment in time with your family. I tend to go with a combination of posed and candid shots to showcase your family's personality and love for each other. In our shoots I like to focus on comfort and fun! Maximum of 6 family members, after which rates change. Contact me for more information on Extended Family Shoots. 

Full Session - $300

1.5 hours, 2 outfits/locations, 35 edited images. 

Mini Session - $200

30 minutes, 1 location, 10 edited images. 

Micro Session - $85

20 minutes, 1 location, 3 edited images. 

Studio Session - $235

45 minutes, 2 backdrops, 10 edited images.


Couples & Friendship Photography

Book a romantic couples shoot to show off a new relationship, engagement, anniversary, or just because! Also offering friendship shoots. Show off your goofy or gorgeous side with your friends, roommates, coworkers, or more. Let me know your aesthetic goals, or let me choose from a selection of gorgeous local sites guaranteed to wow you!

Full Session - $300

1.5 hours, 2 outfits/locations, 25+ edited images. 

Mini Session - $200

30 minutes, 1 location, 10 edited images. 

Micro Session - $85

20 minutes, 1 location, 3 edited images. 

Studio Session - $235

45 minutes, 2 backdrops, 10 edited images.


Live Event Photography

I specialize in taking photos of theatrical productions, though I'm happy to lend those skills to concerts, conferences, festivals, parties, or other types of events. Please note weddings are not included as a "live event" as I do not shoot weddings. Willing to supply additional photos at an additional cost. Contact me for a specialized quote if needed. 

Performances & Parties - $350

3 hours, 100+ edited images. 

Day Long Event - $800

8 hours, 200+ edited images. 

Individual (or Additional) Hours - $50/h

Editing hours extra depending on photo qty.


Photo Restoration

Do you have an old photo that means the world to your family, but isn't in the best of shape? I provide a photo restoration service where I use photoshop to fix the creases, burns, or natural deterioration of a photo and recreate any facial or backdrop features that may have been lost over time. Rather than scanning I take photos of your photos to provide the highest possible quality and resolution to you. 


Hour quantity depends on each individual photo. Contact me for your personalized free quote today.  


Headshots & Glamour Shoots

Headshots are a great option for performers, or those needing business portraits. Glamour shots are designed to help you look and feel your best and get some photos that will boost your self esteem. Come with your own ideas, or ask me about Makeup/Hair connections for the full dolled-up look! Full/Mini are outdoors or in studio, Micros are outdoor only.

Full Session - $300

1.5 hours, 3 outfits/2 locations, 30+ edited images. 

Mini Session - $200

40 minutes, 1 location, 10 edited images. 

Micro Session - $80

20 minutes, 1 location, 3 edited images. 


Conceptual Photography

Is there an image that you'd like to make a reality? Moody lighting and lingerie in front of a deteriorating wall, or perhaps it's night-time in the middle of the street in the rain and you're wearing ballet shoes. Maybe you want to live out your star wars fantasy! I'm excited to bring your dream to life, or make you the star of one of my many ideas yet to come alive. 

Full Session - Starting at $300

2+ hours, 30+ edited images, 3 bonus composites. 

* Please note the packages and prices are limited in this option due to the amount of work required to complete these sessions. Price is in addition to any props or outfits that need to be purchased (though I do have many in my possession already).

Moms House7.jpg

Real Estate Photography

Professional Real Estate photos and/or videos bring some zing to your listings. Add on basic photo-staging (different than typical real-estate staging) to maximize your selling potential. With competitive pricing and 12-24 hour photo turnaround you'll never post a listing with cell phone photos again! 

Rates vary. 

Contact me for individualized quotes.

Photoshopped Composite Add-On

Are we doing a magical winter shoot deserving of swirling snow? Or what about a princess who needs her animated sidekick? Or a magical wizard casting a spell! Maybe we've done an outdoor shoot that needs some extra special pixie dust, or a fall shoot that needs swirling leaves. The possibilities are endless. Choose a photoshopped composite add on to any package. We can customize to your request. 

One Composite - $45 each

Must be added on to a package. 

Three to Five Composites - $35 each

Must be added on to a package. 

More Than Five Composites - $25 each

Must be added on to a package. 

Individual Requests - $50 per request

For photos I did not take personally. 




Graphic Design

From posters, pamphlets, signage, and all kinds of printed materials, to digital advertisements, logos, infographics, illustrations, and more, I'm here for all of your graphic design needs. With over 10 years of design experience I can adhere to (and mimic or create) brand guidelines, and am familiar with working in many different design styles. 

Prices vary by project.

Hourly rate is $35/hr, Contact me for a quote on your specific design project(s). 


Event Planning & Design

I've got many years of event planning experience and specialize in high-quality, low-budget decorating. I'm not afraid to do what it takes to create the event of your dreams, including logistics coordination, decor, day-of-managing, volunteer wrangling, or just consulting on the steps needed to make a successful event. 

Prices vary by project.

Hourly rate is $35/hr, bulk pricing is available. Contact me for a quote on your specific events. 


Marketing Consulting & Service

I'm here to help your business any way I can. Contact me for a free 30 minute consultation where I can learn about your business and your goals. I'm happy to work within your needs wether its just a need for simple suggestions, all the way to creating or executing marketing plans or campaigns. 

30 Minute Consultation - FREE!

Hourly rate is $35/hr, Contact me for a quote on your specific project(s). 

Screen Shot 2021-01-12 at 10.59.07

Basic Website Design

Do you need a basic website to show off your company? Using your choice of existing software like Wix, Squarespace, Wordpress, or others, I can set up a simple website customized to your needs. Provide your own assets, or opt for me to copy write and source photos to show off your brand best. Stores, booking and scheduling, and other apps can be applied to your site depending on the package. 

Prices Vary Depending On Your Needs

Starting at $150, and increasing from there.

Please note I do not work with coded websites, but rather user friendly website building platforms so that once the site is built you can take over edits quite easily, though I'm happy to make changes for you if needed. 


Social Media Management

I love creating engaging content for social media. Between the classic Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram, to TikTok, Snapchat, YouTube, and Linkedin, I'm happy to help with your social media needs. Wether it's just needing someone to write or schedule your posts, to needing a full-blown social marketing plan (including advertising), I'm here for your business. 

Prices vary by project.

Hourly rate is $35/hr, Contact me for a quote on your specific social media project(s). 



I offer basic videography great for small businesses who'd like to show off products, services, or their brand. I'm happy to create something based on your vision, or come up with my own ideas. I can also work on music videos or whatever type of project you are excited to create. Bulk pricing for alternate cuts is available. 

Prices vary by project.

Hourly rate is $35/hr, Contact me for a quote on your specific video project(s). 


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